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Should I Get A Divorce? – What Your Arguments Are Telling You. In Part Two of our Guide ‘Should I Get A Divorce?’ we look at the role arguments play in the breakdown of the marriage.  What they mean, if they are a sign that your relationship is over and […]

Part Two: Should I Get A Divorce? – Arguments

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Should I get a divorce? It’s the dilemma you are facing. You’re having doubts. You’re wondering if it’s time to call it quits. But how do you know if you really should get a divorce? Before making a final decision you may want to go through our divorce checklist to help […]

Should I Get A Divorce?

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Getting A Divorce When You Have Kids. The reality of how difficult divorce is when children are involved. Should You Get A Divorce Or Stay Together For The Kids? It’s the question you are wrestling with.  Is it better for the kids if you stay with your spouse until they […]

Should You Stay Together For The Sake Of The Kids?

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The best thing you and your soon-to-be-ex can do is reach an agreement about your divorce in order to get a cheap, easy, uncontested divorce that you can do online for a few hundred bucks. However, if your ex is a nightmare, you could end up spending a fortune going […]

Dealing With Your Ex And Your Divorce

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So You Want A Divorce Couples decide to divorce for many different reasons and therefore are in different states of mind. Some are deeply traumatized over events in their marriage, some never felt they were in a marriage to begin with and others have just reached the point where they […]

Do I Want A Divorce? I Think So?

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A first glance the title of this piece might give the impression that every marriage is doomed to unhappiness, not so, but what it does address is that it is unrealistic to expect to be continually happy with your spouse. Unfortunately the expectation of a continual honeymoon state of happiness […]

Happiness in Marriage – Why it Doesn’t Last

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Music features in all ages of our lives. From babies, enjoying repetitive nursery rhymes, to teens using music to define their lives. To the elderly who often find tunes from long ago aid memory loss. So it comes as no surprise that we have a soundtrack for love marriage and […]

The Rhythm of Your Life – Music and Divorce

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Infidelity in a marriage is the biggest betrayal that can occur between two people. It destroys faith and trust and can be both emotionally and physically damaging. Irrespective of the circumstances or how the infidelity is discovered of confessed the bubble has been burst and can never be totally repaired. […]

Forgiveness Is a Gift You Give Yourself

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Divorce- the ending of a marriage by legal process- seems simple enough until other words start to be attached or substituted. For example “I’m divorcing my wife/husband.” Or “My wife/husband divorced me.” As you can see these statements imply an action taken against another and as a result this leads […]

Five Words to Avoid When Talking About Your Divorce