Complete Case Review

complete case review

Our Complete Case review found this site remains one of the most popular and reputable online divorce services on the market.  With 17 year’s experience and over 700,000 customers, Complete Case is deserving of its esteemed position within the online DIY divorce realm.

It is simple, quick and easy providing customers with an efficient, no frills, online divorce service that is guaranteed to get the job done.  Legal document specialists are there to guide you every step through the process. They pride themselves on their gold standard website and user experience that their clients love.

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Why Choose Complete Case For Your Divorce?

Complete Case has definitely played a big role in pioneering online divorce services and is still one of the biggest and most well-known players around. It is a long established company (online since 2000), which certainly is a testament to their solid quality of service.

Their customers love them due to their level of expertise which makes the whole divorce process smooth and hassle free.  You will not have to worry about having the wrong forms for your state or having the courts reject them.  With a Complete Case online divorce you have the guarantee that your forms will be legal, correct, up-to-date, lawyer approved and accepted by your courthouse.

And if something does unexpectedly go wrong, Complete Case will take care of it.  They will make any correction the court demands at no additional cost to you or, if you prefer, will give you a full refund.

Their aim is to provide you with a fast, efficient, stress-free experience and their customer reviews certainly support that.

Complete Case been featured in mainstream media such as Good Morning America and USA Today and remains the most recognizable names in the online divorce sector.

Complete Case in USA and Canada

Something Complete Case offer, perhaps uniquely, is a full online divorce service in Canada, as well as all 50 US states. That could well make the difference if you live in Canada, or in one of the states that are not always covered by all online divorce sites.

The Complete Case Divorce Process

Complete Case offers a very similar process to other online divorce sites. You simply go through a procedure to determine your eligibility for an online divorce, then complete an online divorce interview and finally you’re able to print your completed forms.

Your forms will not be filed for you but you will be provided with the relevant instructions for filing in your state and all forms are 100% Court Guaranteed.

The interview process can take as little as 20 minutes or as long as you need. Your documents will be customised for your state and will address any issues relating your children, your income, assets and any other factors involved in your divorce case. All forms are 100% court approved and come with a full money back guarantee.

Complete Case Support

You will receive unlimited Customer Support from Complete Case specialists to help you complete your divorce forms.  The Complete Case support team are nationally recognized for their excellent customer service. You can contact them via email or telephone for help with the divorce process.

As with similar services, they are unable to answer any of your legal questions but will help guide you through the interview and ensure that your forms are completed correctly.

If you do need legal advice, they can connect you with a local family lawyer in your area but that is not included in the price of your package.

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Complete Case Review Verdict

We are happy to recommend Complete Case. They are a long established, reputable company who we are confident will be able to handle your divorce for you. They have excellent customer service and support to help you through what is a difficult time.

Complete Case will charge you $299 for their service, which is great value considering an attorney would charge you that per hour!  You can save hundreds if not thousands by choosing Complete Case to handle your divorce.

Even though this is a massive saving, it’s still is nearly double the price you would pay for other services without delivering double the benefits.  For example, MyDivorcePapers charge $159, provide you with all the benefits Complete Case offer but then have additional services such as a personal Case Manager, access to an attorney, plus they will serve your spouse and file your divorce paperwork as part of their package.

That said, if you’re willing to pay a little extra for the reassurance of the name, then you won’t be disappointed with Complete Case.  They are a fantastic, reliable, online divorce site who will deliver an excellent, efficient and empathetic service to get you through what is an incredibly difficult time – whilst saving you a fortune on divorce fees!

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