Wevorce Review

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Wevorce is Perfect For Families

Our Wevorce review found this to be the perfect service for families. They address the emotional, financial and legal aspects of divorce. Creating solutions that empower families and enable everyone to move forward with life after divorce.
wevorce, wevorce review, wevorce reviews, wevorce divorce, wevorce online divorce
If you and your spouse do not have children, this service isn’t the best option for you and you would be better trying an online divorce service such as MyDivorcePapers. That’s the only reason our Wevorce review doesn’t get the full five stars.

What Makes Wevorce So Special

Wevorce is the brainchild of attorney Michelle Crosby who formed the company following her own divorce. Seeing the pain and stress suffered by her our own children as they had to take the stand and decide which parent they want to live with, she thought there must be a better way.

As an online divorce service, Wevorce is different because of the focus on creating a divorce process that doesn’t damage a couple’s finances and hurt their children. Instead, they provide a pathway in which everyone can move forward without outdated divorce practices getting in the way and causing conflict, pain and suffering for all parties.

Our Wevorce review found them to have a genuine, warm, person-centered, approach that puts your family’s best interests at its core.

After your initial divorce consultation, Wevorce use an algorithm to determine and predict potential problem areas and flashpoints that are likely to arise during the divorce process so strategies can be put in place to manage them. They help to set ‘rules of the road’ between you and your spouse in order that you can have constructive discussions over co-parenting and joint financial matters, without things getting nasty. We have only seen this approach during our Wevorce review.

Wevorce is able to help you create a sustainable divorce agreement that works for everyone. After a final review, you are then ready to proceed with the production of your divorce papers.

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The Wevorce Process

The Wevorce process begins with a consultation with one of their divorce specialists.

Together they work with you, and your spouse, to create a Roadmap that is personal to your family and ensures that you come through the divorce process in a way that causes the least amount of damage to you, your spouse, your assets and most importantly, your children.

The next step is to create a Parenting Plan. This Plan anticipates parenting decisions that may arise in the future and also deals with the current circumstances as you move from one household to two households. Having this Plan in place ensures the least amount of disruption to your child’s life and enables them to move forward with this new family dynamic without stress or anxiety.

Once you have a Parenting Plan in place, you can then consider your Financial Management Plan. A Financial Management Plan examines all your current assets and debts, how to divide them, what financial support will be provided and how to plan for your new financial futures as two separate households.

Finally, Wevorce creates your legal documents for your divorce. You can then review, sign and file them.
wevorce, wevorce review, wevorce reviews, wevorce divorce, wevorce online divorce
Uniquely, Wevorce even includes a separation ceremony to allow you and your spouse to mark the end of your marriage and part as amicably as possible.

By the end of the process, you will have ready-to-file, court compliant documents that are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Wevorce is a self-paced online divorce service. So you can take your time and move at a speed that suits you and your family. On average it would take 30 days for most people to go through the divorce process and reach a peaceful, collaborative, amicable conclusion. However, if you and your family need longer, that’s no problem. You are in complete control.

Benefits of Wevorce

The benefit of getting a divorce through Wevorce compared to conventional contested divorce is ultimately the price. You can easily expect to spend upwards of $27,000 going to a divorce lawyer, with no clear end date in sight and the knowledge that legal costs will undoubtedly go up given half the chance.

Wouldn’t you both rather spend your money on your children, helping them get over the divorce? The service from Wevorce makes this possible.

By keeping the focus on creating the best possible outcome for all parties, especially the children, Wevorce make it possible to avoid the pain and disruption faced by most families going through the traditional divorce route.

Another key benefit of Wevorce to keep in mind. As an online divorce service, you can sort things out with your spouse without actually having to be in the same room as them. This can make life a lot easier, especially when there is a lot of conflict and bad feeling involved. Having this space, distance and freedom of being online reduces a lot of tension, triggers and pushing of buttons!

Wevorce are partnered with LegalZoom so you can be assured you are getting the very best legal advice and support. All your legal documents are court approved and guaranteed. With LegalZoom adding their might to Wevorce, you will be able to get everything you need to complete your divorce and move onto the next phase of your life, with the peace of mind that everything is legally sound.

On top of their outstanding customer service support, you’re able to access the services of additional divorce professionals at a reduced rate. This means you can access family law specialists, divorce attorneys, mediators, counsellors, financial advisors and still save thousands of dollars on fees.

Wevorce features include:

  • Completion of all documents for both spouses
  • Easy-to-follow filing instructions
  • Marriage Settlement Agreement
  • Parenting Plan that specifies child-related agreements
  • Customer support at each stage of the process
  • Child financial support documents
  • Name change provision for wife to revert to maiden name
  • Professional review
  • FREE revisions for 30 days
  • FREE delivery of your order
  • FREE 30-minute welcome session with a Wevorce Specialist
  • Temporary Separation Agreement
  • Personalized tools and reading
  • Equalizing payments
  • Spousal support plan
  • Closure process

Support From Wevorce

Wevorce customer support is outstanding from the very beginning. The first stage in the process is a consultation with a Divorce Professional, either over the phone or online. They’ll answer any questions you may have and explain to you and your spouse what will happen next.

You can contact Wevorce for support at any point during the process via phone, email or chat. They are available to answer any queries and there for family consultations.

In addition, they have a range of free tools to help with decision-making, coping with divorce and supporting your children through divorce. You will get access to child support calculators, eBooks and even included are ‘nurture campaigns’. This is something we have not seen from any other online divorce service before.

You can also take advantage of their specialist divorce technology and get help through their self-guided divorce support services. This means you get the help you need, when you need it. Everything is online and therefore available 24/7.

Wevorce Professional Support

Wevorce specializes in giving couples the legal, financial and emotional support they need to achieve an online divorce that avoids having to go through stressful court proceedings. It is self-paced so you and your spouse can take as much time as you need to get it right and reach an agreement that works for both of you.

Sometimes you need more than help. You need the help of qualified professionals and Wevorce is one of the few services able to offer this to you at a reduced cost.

Whether you need an assistance of Financial Professionals who can help untangle all of your debts and assets, Family Architects who can help construct co-parenting arrangements for you and your spouse or Family Law Attorneys and Mediation Services to help you get over the roadblocks that are preventing you from proceeding with your divorce, Wevorce has the people you need at a price you can afford.

You’re able to access these additional professional services as a Wevorce customer for only $199 per hour saving you thousands of dollars on outside agencies. This really is an incredible deal.

Why We Love Wevorce

We love Wevorce because they recognize that families do not belong in a courtroom. No one wins with a messy divorce, especially the children.

Wevorce has an incredible success rate of keeping couples out of court. Rather than screaming across an attorney’s table, couples find a way, with the tools and support from Wevorce, to end their marriage in a way that reduces pain and suffering for everyone in the family – and at a fraction of the cost of the traditional attorney route!

When they say they are ‘changing divorce for good’ they mean it. Their ethos, professionalism, support, expertise and price make our Wevorce review rating one of the highest of all the online divorce services we review.

If you need to end your marriage and you have kids, this is the number one online divorce service we can wholeheartedly recommend for you.


wevorce, wevorce review, wevorce reviews, wevorce divorce, wevorce online divorce



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