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Compatibility in a Second Marriage

So you’ve survived divorce, taken time to heal has passed and you are now preparing for marriage second time around.

You know that you have changed from the person you once were and lessons have been learned in your life. You know about marriage problems, have accumulated a mass of relationship advice and understand the importance of compatibility in marriage. Having been burnt and realized that happy ever after and being in love is not always enough to make a marriage work what do you need to be sure of in a new relationship before you walk down the aisle again?

second marriage, preparing for marriage, marriage problems, relationship advice, compatibility in marriageDo you Share the Same Belief System?

We all of us whether consciously or subconsciously follow a system of beliefs. We know what’s right and wrong for us. What we can and can’t live with or without.

This may or may not be spiritual belief the point is can you live with your new partner’s viewpoint? If you both share the same viewpoint then the potential for conflict is reduced. However, if you don’t it doesn’t spell disaster so long as both parties can respect the others views and beliefs.

Where do you stand on the Political Issues of the Day?

It seems very serious but being poles apart politically can have an influence on your future relationship. If you agree on the same issues then there is a good chance you can have a basis for compatibility in other areas of your life. You are also more likely to share friends who have the same views. This will reduce potential marriage problems. If couples have discussed openly their views then opposing views if respected can work within a marriage.

Existing and Future Children

Preparing for marriage must include decision over any offspring.  Children should never be collateral damage in a relationship. It is very important that their presence or planning is fully discussed to avoid any breakdown in relationships either between the couple or the between parent and child.

The Bank Account

Unfortunately it’s a fact of life that financial difficulties destroy relationships. This is one area of a relationship that needs to be discussed thoroughly and honestly before proceeding to second marriage.

If you’re a saver can you bear to be married to a spendthrift? If you’re the spendthrift can you manage to work within another person’s budget controls?

Once you’ve had these discussions you will be in a better place to decide if you want to progress to making that commitment to a second marriage. You already know that marriage takes hard work and you know the freedom of the divorcee. Get the honest answers first and you’re on your way to the I do’s.

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