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Happiness in Marriage – Why it Doesn’t Last

A first glance the title of this piece might give the impression that every marriage is doomed to unhappiness, not so, but what it does address is that it is unrealistic to expect to be continually happy with your spouse. Unfortunately the expectation of a continual honeymoon state of happiness leads to dramatic disappointment when the first wobble occurs in the matrimonial home.

Often we are fed a diet of TV and movies that portray marriage as a never ending romantic comedy. Marriage is not all sunshine, rainbows and clever throw away lines. There will be an occasional shower or even a severe thunderstorm. It takes real hard work to make a marriage work.

You can take the best relationship advice, go through marriage counseling but if you have an unhappy marriage at then end of it all then perhaps you need to reluctantly accept your marriage is over and start the divorce process.

happiness in marriage, marriage counseling, relationship advice, unhappy marriage, marriage problemsWhen couples break up they will be very fortunate if they have learned this lesson, It will break the cycle and in doing so will prevent them from carrying unrealistic expectations into their future relationships.

As a divorcee moving into a new relationship and falling in love again you should aim to work hard to be kind to yourself and your new partner. Be realistic remember that whilst you may dearly love each other for most of the time, there will also be times when you don’t actually like each other. Accept marriage problems are normal, the storm cloud will pass and you will find you have learned from this and be able to adjust your relationship.

Like building a house you have to follow a plan and use the right materials to get the end result you want. You will also find that this effort will produce a stronger partnership so that when the next storm rolls in you know that before long the sun will come again and you will start again laying another layer on to the strong foundation of your relationship and enjoy being a loving couple once again.

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