Check Your Eligibility For Divorce

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Divorce laws vary from state to state which can cause confusion those looking for a quick divorce.  Checking your eligibility for divorce is a crucial first step in the process.

What can be grounds for a divorce in Texas can be different for a divorce in California.  What is easy to arrange in Washington can be tricky in Michigan. And vice versa.

The last thing you need at this difficult time is someone giving you the wrong information.  It’s important that you check and understand the divorce laws in your state to prevent problems down the line and avoid lengthy court delays.

The online divorce services we recommend at DIY Divorce Review ensure you receive the right advice and the right support for divorce in your state.

What Do I Need To Know About Divorce Laws In My State?

The most common questions people will have relating to the divorce requirements for their state are listed below:

  • What are the residency requirements for a divorce in your state?
  • What are the grounds for a divorce in your state?
  • What is the law with regards to child custody and child support in your state?
  • What are the laws for the division of property in your state?
  • What happens with spousal support or alimony in your state?
  • Are you offered or required to undertake divorce mediation before getting a divorce in your state?

Before doing anything else, we absolutely recommend that you check the divorce laws in your state.  Here’s how:

Check Divorce Laws In Your State

Find your state below and click to see the requirements for divorce in your state and then check your eligibility.

From there you will be able to access the correct forms for your state. A common pitfall when applying for divorce is completing the wrong divorce forms for your state.

Our eligibility checker will ensure you avoid this and get the correct forms for your state that are court approved and come with 100% money back guarantee.