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So you’ve survived divorce, taken time to heal has passed and you are now preparing for marriage second time around. You know that you have changed from the person you once were and lessons have been learned in your life. You know about marriage problems, have accumulated a mass of […]

Compatibility in a Second Marriage

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When divorce happens it begins part of a grieving process but, unlike being bereaved, there seems to be an expectation that a divorcee should immediately seek to start dating after divorce.  But that isn’t the case.  You are allowed to enjoy being single and to embrace your new life without the expectation of […]

Positive Things about Being Single

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Is it ever right to discuss your divorce on social media? It all depends on the nature of your posts and what they say about you and your views. Social media and relationships can be messy, but the impact of social media on divorce and attempts for an amicable separation […]

Divorce and Social Media

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Getting a divorce, even if it is an amicable divorce is hard. But hey, there’s a positive side of divorce too. 1. You no longer have to shop for things you don’t like. Hate your fridge being full of beer/avocado/yogurt, well now you can have space for whatever you like. […]

The Positive Side Of Divorce

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On the face of it once the word ‘divorce’ has been spoken it  usually means the marriage is over and all that remains for the couple is to go through the procedure of officially ending their marriage. However for some couples the ‘D word’ could be an opportunity to address their relationship problems […]

Is There Ever A Chance to Recover Once The D ...

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Coping with divorce one of the most stressful things anyone can experience in their life. So it comes as no surprise that for the newly divorced those feelings of stress and vulnerability can lead to either creating new bad habits or falling back into old ones. Here are a few bad habits […]

Bad Habits to Avoid Following Your Divorce

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For most people when they married they were “in love” with their new spouse but what did that word love mean? The majority of couples setting out on married life rightly think they will experience all the lovely feelings of affection and pleasure on their wedding day forever. They fully […]

Does Your Perception Of Love Change When You Divorce?

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One of the biggest challenges you can face following a divorce, particularly one that was acrimonious, is how to come together and form a constructive co parenting alliance for the good of your children. It can be very difficult to put aside any animosity you may have towards your former […]

Some Tips For Better Co Parenting

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One of the most common things people feel after divorce is an acute fear of being alone. This is a natural part of the grieving process involved in disconnecting from someone who, for better or worse, has played a very large part of your recent life. It’s very easy at this […]

How Long to Stay Single After Divorce