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When you’re in the middle of a divorce it can be hard to believe that there is anything positive to be gained from the experience. But just like any other major life events you can actually grow and learn from divorce. Find The Right Kind Of Person One way of […]

Three Things You Can Learn from Divorce

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Divorce is hard for anyone but it can be especially difficult when you have children to consider. As well as dealing with your own feelings and troubles you have the added burden of knowing that for your children divorce is, if anything, even more upsetting than it is for you. […]

Helping Your Kids Through Divorce

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After all the stress and upheaval of the divorce process many people will suffer depression or anxiety to some extent. This is only natural. Usually this misery will pass once a person adjusts to his or our new lifestyle but in sometimes it can turn into a more serious or long […]

Dealing with Post–Divorce Blues

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Winter can amplify feelings of loneliness after divorce. The long lazy days of summer are long gone and with them the opportunity for time and space which are replaced by being confined indoors for longer periods poor weather and short days and darker nights. All of which can lead to feelings […]

Avoid the Winter Divorce Blues