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Positive Things about Being Single

When divorce happens it begins part of a grieving process but, unlike being bereaved, there seems to be an expectation that a divorcee should immediately seek to start dating after divorce. being single, how to be single again, moving on after divorce, life after divorce, dating after divorce But that isn’t the case.  You are allowed to enjoy being single and to embrace your new life without the expectation of being on the market again.

Learn to love being alone

Learning how to be single again can feel daunting but moving on after divorce can be exciting. The rest of your life lies in your hands. How you move forward is up to you. Sure you will make mistakes we all do but they will be your mistakes your learning experiences.

Never confuse alone with lonely.

People often talk about being alone in a room full of people when what they really mean is they are lonely. This occurs when we lose emotional attachments to others. When you are single you have the perfect opportunity to work on other relationships in your life. Keep in touch with friends and family become involved in their news and experiences and they will do the same with yours. Phone, text, use social media or even write. How lovely is it to receive a handwritten card or letter? It may take a bit of work to do this but others in your life will appreciate it.

Embrace your mind and body.

Life after divorce can be fulfilling. This is your time to grow and explore the boundaries of your life. You no longer have to consult, negotiate or make requests of anyone else.

Take care of your body energize yourself by following a healthy lifestyle. De-stress and de-clutter your life. Learn to meditate, you may be surprised where this takes you.

Learn new skills and push yourself every day. Has fear been holding you back from anything in your life? Scared of flying, swimming, travelling by yourself now is the time to face your fears.

Along the way you’ll discover you’ve found you and you love that person.

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