How to Deal with Divorce


Learn how to move forward through your divorce and celebrate your life again.

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Are you considering, going through or been through a divorce? Are you tired of reliving the pain and hurt of your divorce? Do you feel unable to move forward with your life because of the crushed dreams and broken promises? Do you want to move passed this part of you life but somehow seem to always be reminded of the failure your divorce brings?

Are you feeling down, depressed or isolated from the world is if you have experienced a death of a loved one only without the support of those around you? Do the people in your life not understand and think you should be over your grief? Are you tired of all of your conversations somehow being about your divorce, or your ex?

Are you ready to move forward and let go of the past but don’t know how?

You have legitimate reasons to feel this way because with divorce comes a definite loss of your dreams, your expectations and most of all the person you thought you would spend the rest of your life with.

I can relate. If there was one marriage I thought would last it was going to be mine! I thought I was doing everything I could to be the perfect, submissive wife. I dedicated my life to trying to make my former spouse happy. Then came the disappointments, hurts and the ugliness that led to DIVORCE.

I didn’t know that divorce would hurt so much especially since I was the one that filed for it! Our mutual friends, and my partner’s side of the family distanced or totally cut themselves off from our once close relationship causing even more pain. I tried several things to feel better from the pain of divorce. I put on a brave face and going through it alone. I tried to talk to others that understood but that just led to more anger and negativity as they shared there own painful divorce story. I even tried to find help through support groups in the community and internet.

Some of these things I tried gave temporary fixes that made me feel better for a bit, only to have a memory flood back and trigger the tears, hurt and feeling of loneliness!

Fast forward a few years and what I discovered was that getting through a divorce takes time and a shift in your perspective from what your expectations were to what anticipations are to come.

How to Deal with Divorce with Peace has the tools and knowledge needed to handle the emotional ups and downs of divorce as well as gaining an empowered attitude towards life.


Learn how to move forward through your divorce and celebrate your life again.

How to Deal with Divorce

Tutor: Trisha Dunn
Lectures: 5
Length: 1 hour
Skill Level: Beginner Level
Languages: English

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