Divorced? Separated? Co-parenting?


A guide for parents to help lessen the trauma of divorce on their children.

Course Description

This is a course for parents who are either in the process of separation or divorce. Parents who are co-parenting will learn strategies for parenting under pressure. You’ll learn how to make the process less stressful and ultimately, less damaging to your children and yourself. We discuss best practices for co-parenting and how creating a plan can significantly decrease the stress. We use an evidence based curricula — Parents Forever: The Impact of Divorce on Children Parent Handbook by University Minnesota Extension. Some states require that divorcing parents take a parenting course. This course may satisfy that requirement. We strongly suggest checking with your state first for approval. We will award certificates of completion if you need one. Even if not required by your state, if you are divorcing, take this course to help your children and yourself with the transition.


A guide for parents to help lessen the trauma of divorce on their children.Remember the kids.

Tutors: Lisa Savage, Jasmine Wynn

Lectures: 11
Length: 30 mins
Skill Level: Intermediate Level
Languages: English

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