relationship with your ex, children of divorce, co parenting, healthy relationships, co parent

Some Tips For Better Co Parenting

relationship with your ex, children of divorce, co parenting, healthy relationships, co parentOne of the biggest challenges you can face following a divorce, particularly one that was acrimonious, is how to come together and form a constructive co parenting alliance for the good of your children. It can be very difficult to put aside any animosity you may have towards your former spouse but it is very important to do just that for the continued well-being of your child or children. Here are some points to consider to help you manage this difficult but crucially important situation:

Focus on Constructive Communication with your Ex

This is easier said than done in some cases, like many important tasks in life, but it is definitely something worth working on to ensure stability and security in your child’s life. It is worth remembering that many of the petty arguments and high tempers are no longer part of your life or your present relationship with your ex. Indeed it may be that the only thing you now have in common with each other is your mutual love for your children. So take that as a starting point and try to ensure that you work together constructively and respectfully for the good of your kids well-being and happiness.

relationship with your ex, children of divorce, co parenting, healthy relationships, co parentRespect Each Other’s Approach to Parenting

Inevitably there will be some aspects of your child’s life that you both think should be handled differently. This is sure to put strain healthy relationships and attempts at constructive communication for the sake of good co parenting, but is precisely the time when you should work hardest at that skill. If possible range of private meeting between the two of you, or at least talk some were we are your children cannot hear as children of divorceĀ are very sensitive to conflict and it is likely to be upsetting to them if they think you are still at loggerheads even after the divorce. Build a constructive co-parenting relationship with your ex so you are able to communicate with each other effectively and respectfully. It may be a good idea to hold regular conversations where you can discuss any co parenting issues that you think might arise and find agreement before difficulties arise.

Make Sure Your New Partner Understands Your Co Parenting Relationship with Your Ex

A common post-divorce problem is managing the interaction of your new partner or spouse and your ex in relation to co parenting duties. It can be tricky and awkward finding the right balance but with some effort and discipline you can certainly finds an arrangement that is suitable for all concerned and makes sure your children feel they are in a safe and secure family setting. It is likely that you are current partner and your ex will not become best friends but it is important for children of divorce that they are able to interact in a civilized manner when necessary.

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