How Long to Stay Single After Divorce

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One of the most common things people feel after divorce is an acute fear of being alone. This is a natural part of the grieving process involved in disconnecting from someone who, for better or worse, has played a very large part of your recent life. It’s very easy at this time to jump into relationships after divorce that are not necessarily doing you any good. Life after divorce doesn’t need to be lonely. While it is certainly possible that you will find the “right person” not long after the breakdown of your marriage most people benefit from a period of reflection and soul-searching before deciding the kind of person who is right for them. Quite often following a divorce people gain, or regain, a sense of freedom and are scared they may lose this when entering another serious relationship. So how long should you stay single after divorce? The answer of course depends on you.

Don’t Worry about the “Ticking Clock”

After a divorce it is very easy to start worrying about the ageing process, especially in women over 30. Many women worry that they may become too old to have children before finding the right partner. This is never a good idea as the more stressed you become over something like that the more likely you are to settle for someone who is not right for you. Of course men are not immune to this and may feel the need to jump into another marriage, or serious relationship, simply because they worry their looks may be fading or their physique becoming less impressive with the passage of time. This best plan if you feel like this is to simply pay no attention to this supposedly ticking clock and do what feels right for you.

Do I Want Someone Else in My Life?

Having rebuilt your life after divorce that is no right or wrong answer as to whether you should look to settle down again. Some people are perfectly happy single, free to do whatever they want when they want it without having to consider anyone else. Others feel they perform much better in life when they are in a relationship. It is a good idea to build a successful single life first so that you do not need someone else to make you happy. After you have achieved that ask yourself if you are ready to shield your new life with someone else. If you are, then go for it. If not, remember there is no shame in staying single for a while longer. As always, what you do with your life is entirely up to you.