The Rhythm of Your Life – Music and Divorce

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Music features in all ages of our lives. From babies, enjoying repetitive nursery rhymes, to teens using music to define their lives. To the elderly who often find tunes from long ago aid memory loss.

So it comes as no surprise that we have a soundtrack for love marriage and divorce. This can actually provide good therapy and healing for anyone going through or recovering from divorce. Take time to listen and make use of all those associations to help you travel through the range of emotions that you may find yourself experiencing.

Music that is linked to the happy times in your relationship will help you to grieve for the breakdown and loss of that relationship. There is no shortage of songs about divorce, breakups and heartache. If need be let the tears flow and allow the recovery. In the short term and for a short spell this is healthy.

You may then find music that best serves the feelings of loss more specifically in the lyrics. You may even come across this unexpectedly but there will be something maybe even just a word or two that resonates with you and helps you to express what you are going through and just captures exactly how you are currently feeling. Again these may be helpful.

Eventually you may find your own divorce song and reach a place where you embrace the type of music and lyrics of a pick yourself up and brush yourself off nature, think Gloria Gaynor “I Will Survive” divorce party type of music and you get the idea. This is actually a good point because it allows you to vent emotions in a safe and healthy way. It provides you with the vocabulary for moving on and reinforces the message that you are an individual who is worthy of a good life.

It’s very possible that you will dip in and out of all of these types and styles as your emotions change and you move forward in your life. You won’t forget them as the first few notes will always take you back to that time and place in your life but there will come a point when the impact of those notes will lessen.