The 8 Best Online Divorce Services

A divorce process is extremely difficult from start to finish. Divorcing couples face substantial legal costs besides emotional suffering. They pay approximately $270/hour to divorce attorneys, while the average cost of divorce is as high as $11,300. To end their marriage, couples spend over $21,000 in legal fees.

Luckily, it is possible to get a divorce through online divorce services without going to court and spending money on attorney’s fees. These services work best for an uncontested divorce when both spouses agree on the reason for their divorce and division of property.

Online divorce services can help you save thousands of dollars by excluding the cost of an attorney and ease your divorce process. All you need to do is fill in the questionnaire to get your divorce papers.

Best Online Divorce Service

If you’re looking for a simple yet reliable online divorce service, CompleteCase is the best choice.

Easy to use, affordable price and outstanding customer support.

All you need to do is:

  1. Find out if a CompleteCase fits your needs.
  2. Complete simple online interview at your convenience.
  3. File using court-approved forms and detailed filing instructions.

Online Divorce Services Review

Best Overall: Complete Case

If you’re looking for a simple yet reliable online divorce service, CompleteCase is the best choice. The platform is designed with simplicity in mind, offering just enough features to make people feel secure without being overwhelmed.

What place CompleteCase as the #1 divorce site on our list of the best online divorce services is staff-reviewed forms, simple browsing, and over 20 years of experience. They have been providing instructions and legal advice in addition to preparing divorce documents in state-specific formats.

Everything is intuitive and clean to keep things as simple as possible. As a user, you won’t be burdened with unnecessary details or extra information as is the case with many online divorce services. However, you can always turn to lawyers for legal advice (for an additional cost) through this platform if needed.

All the divorce documents are accepted by the state courts. Bear in mind that documentation usually takes 2 days to become available. The auto-save feature ensures that your work is stored online. Your documents will remain available on the platform for 30 days.

How much does CompleteCase cost?

They will prepare your divorce papers and forms for $299. Once you’ve received your paperwork electronically, you will be able to print, sign, and file the documents yourself. You will receive instructions on how to complete and file these papers.


  • Fast and easy process
  • Accurate and up-to-date forms accepted by courts statewide
  • Reputable divorce lawyers available for assistance
  • Unlimited changes to divorce papers within 30 days
  • Auto-save feature available


  • Two days for documents to be prepared and delivered
  • Customer support only via email and phone

Best Legal Assistance: RocketLawyer

It is always a good idea to have a lawyer review documents before filing for divorce. RocketLawyer offers attorney support to users who want to complete their divorce online.

Discounted legal assistance and quick access to a network of attorneys make RocketLawyer a popular choice for many divorcing couples. Try it free for seven days. You will be able to cancel it before your trial period expires if you’re not satisfied.

Simply complete your worksheet to get started. The ready-to-file documents will be provided in your state-specific format. Before you file the papers, use a site lawyer to review them just in case. The actual attorneys are ready to answer your questions besides reviewing your divorce papers.

How much does RocketLawyer cost?

For $39.99, you can use Rocket Lawyer’s services as a non-member with a monthly subscription. Premium members can take advantage of discounts (up to 40% off) when hiring the site lawyers. Their membership fee covers the creation of state-specific legal documents.

signed with simplicity in mind, offering just enough features to make people feel secure without being overwhelmed.


  • Affordable legal advice
  • Unlimited access to online assistance and documents
  • Library of legal documents
  • Free 30-minute consultations


  • Difficult to locate divorce worksheet
  • Forms review takes some time

The Fastest: 3StepDivorce Review

This website is perfect for couples who want to complete their divorce papers quickly from the comfort of their home without a lawyer. You will get ready-to-download documents in about 30 minutes.

Fast turnaround time is not the only thing that makes the 3StepDivorce stand out above the rest. This online divorce service is proven to be reliable. They guarantee that all the documents are accepted by courthouses throughout the United States.

Moreover, they will send you ready to file papers to your address by mail if you can’t afford or don’t want to print your documents. There are a lot of free books and tools on their site like a support tracker and negotiation tool.

How much does 3StepDivorce cost?

The fee of $299 is quite reasonable. You can pay it in installments if you wish so. It will come with a 3StepDivorce’s price guarantee. If flat-rate pricing doesn’t work for you, you can choose between these payment options:

  • 2 monthly fees of $157
  • 3 monthly fees of $109
  • 4 monthly fees of $84

Those who file the papers the same day the documents are prepared will receive a $50 rebate. Take advantage of it!


  • Extremely fast – divorce papers are ready in about 30 minutes
  • Forms are approved in your state
  • Possibility to pay the price in installments
  • Simple step-by-step filing procedure


  • The website is difficult to navigate
  • No access to legal advice from lawyers
  • The papers aren’t reviewed by a staff member or a lawyer

Best Known: LegalZoom Review

You can’t go wrong with LegalZoom since it’s one of the industry leaders when it comes to online divorce. With highly accessible customer support, an intuitive interface, and clear instructions, completing and filing divorce documentation through this website is a breeze.

The divorce papers can be obtained for all states.

Every form is reviewed by LegalZoom’s staff members before being provided.

If you have questions, the support staff can be contacted by phone, email, or online chat. As their customer, you will be able to access lawyers in your state.

How much does LegalZoom cost?

LegalZoom will complete your documents for the price of $499. While this is one of the most expensive online divorce services, you will rest easy knowing that your divorce papers will be accepted by your state court.


  • Up-to-date divorce forms accepted by state courts
  • Access to legal advice from lawyers statewide
  • Easy and quick process
  • Simple browsing
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


  • Hard-to-find chat function
  • Costly service

Best Value: DivorceWriter Review

If you’re on the lookout for a cheap yet reliable online divorce service, DivorceWriter is a safe bet. By choosing this online divorce service, you will get excellent value for money. There is still room for improvement though.

As with most other online divorce websites, the service is limited to an uncontested divorce. It should be noted that the service is available for an uncontested divorce in all states except Missouri.

The site uses an easy process to prepare forms, which starts with a simple questionnaire. From the Petition to the Divorce Decree, all the documents are included. Once the DivorceWriter prepares your papers, you’ll be able to download or print them at your convenience. That will allow you to complete your uncontested divorce without an attorney in a convenient and affordable way.

How much does DivorceWriter cost?

You will get your divorce papers completed for $137 only. It’s by far the lowest rate when it comes to online divorce services. The price is the same no matter if you have or don’t have minor children involved.

A price match promise is offered by the company, meaning they will refund the difference if you find a lower price on the market. We’ve explored hundreds of flat-fee websites in this field, but we didn’t see cheaper options for online divorce.


  • Easy to follow and straightforward
  • Guaranteed judge approve of all the documents
  • Easy to understand pricing structure
  • The most affordable online divorce service


  • Out-of-date site content
  • Not all states are covered
  • No legal advice

With an easy-to-navigate process and streamlined website, OnlineDivorce is worth turning to. This all-inclusive divorce preparation service will enable you to finalize your uncontested divorce without paying lawyer’s fees.

OnlineDivorce has been around on the market for 20 years and is one of the pioneers of the online divorce industry providing online services to divorcing couples in the United States and Canada. Their online tools have been used by more than 500,000 people.

The process is quite easy and it begins with a questionnaire that is simple to get through. You first need to check if you qualify. Once you’ve checked your eligibility, you will have to answer detailed questions to get the forms you need. Even though the completed documents are court-accepted and up to date, you should review them before filing.

How much does cost?

Expect to pay $139 for this online divorce service. With such a low fee, OnlineDivorce has managed to remain competitive in the market for years. No hidden charges!


  • 100% court approval guarantee
  • Legal help available
  • Easy and smooth process
  • Affordably priced


  • No chat on the site
  • Some areas lack explanations and descriptions
  • No divorce-related articles


Despite the fact that Wevovorce is on the expensive side, you should still consider paying for their  service to complete your divorce papers. There are a lot of good reasons for this.

Why should you give a try to Wevorce?

Wevorce employs an extensive network of arbitrators, judges, and qualified facilitators to make it easier for couples to complete their divorce online. They are supposed to cooperate and reach an agreement eventually in order to use this service.

What makes this service worth the money is guaranteed court approval for all the documents they provide, ease of use, reasonable time frame, attorney support, and great commitment to customers. Other features worth mentioning include:

  • Personalized tools (Guided Modules and Optimal Outcomes)
  • Editing capabilities
  • Free 30-min welcome sessions with Wevorce’s specialists, and
  • Divorce Calculator

How much does Wevorce cost?

If you choose to complete your divorce through this service, be ready to pay from $3,500 to $5,860. The total cost will depend largely on whether you have a minor child(ren). While it may seem pretty high, it is still significantly cheaper than the average cost of a traditional divorce.


  • The process is pretty fast and easy
  • Guarantee of Court Approval
  • Unlimited legal guidance
  • Free 7-day trial


  • Communication is a bit spotty
  • Some steps are not clear
  • Expensive


Many people have a hard time interpreting federal and state laws relating to divorce as well as confusing court requirements and forms. They can get clear and concise explanations on the MyDivorcePapers site.

You can find explanations of laws for each state. The easy-to-follow guide will walk you through the grounds for divorce, necessary papers to complete your divorce, and legal terminology. They are willing to break down everything for their users.

All the forms required can be completed through a simple 3-step process. You’ll get printable papers along with instructions on how to file them. Keep in mind that the service isn’t designed for an uncontested divorce only. The applicants can choose legal separation or annulment too.

How much does MyDivorcePapers cost?

At $139, MyDivorcePapers is one of the most inexpensive online divorce services. The pricing is the same for all states. Don’t worry, there are no hidden costs.


  • Simple divorce interview
  • Court-approved forms
  • Useful instructions
  • Access to dedicated account managers
  • Unlimited document updates


  • Money-back guarantee only last 30 days
  • Security and privacy concerns
  • No option to get the papers by mail

How to Get a Divorce Online?

An online divorce is the simplest, quickest and cheapest way to get a divorce. You don’t need to pay for attorney fees, have lengthy delays or a whole lot of stressful paperwork to wade through. If you and your spouse are willing to come to an agreement yourselves over assets and custody of children, then you may qualify for an online divorce. That said, you can have an online divorce only in case of uncontested divorce.

If you decide to proceed you will find that the divorce process is fairly straight forward.

Let’s dig a bit further into how to get an uncontested divorce using online services. Check our step-by-step guide for more information.

Step 1: Determine where to begin your proceedings

First things first, you need to know where your proceedings will take place. In most states, divorce cases start in the municipality or place where one of the spouses has lived for at least 1 year. If you seek child custody, your proceedings will be held in the place where your child or children reside(s).

Step 2: Prepare your divorce documents

Once you’ve determined where to begin proceedings, you will need to start to prepare your documents. Try to complete your divorce documents yourself to avoid getting ripped off by divorce attorneys.

The very first document you will have to prepare is a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. You will also be required to submit a Divorce Affidavit and Financial Affidavit, Divorce Certificate, Divorce Decree, and other papers. Keep in mind that the paperwork is different for divorcing couples with and without minor children.

Step 3: File divorce papers

Prepare the three copies of all the divorce forms before issuing the application. One for the court, one for your spouse, and one for you. The local court office staff will assign your case a file number and place a court seal on your documents while stamping the photocopies as filed.

Bear in mind that you will be asked to pay a filing fee when filing the divorce forms. If you’re not capable of affording this fee, try to get a fee waiver.

Step 4: Serve your spouse

The party who asks for divorce (petitioner) is required to file a complaint or divorce petition with the court in his/her place. In addition, he or she has to ensure that the other party received copies of all the divorce papers to complete the service of process.

If you don’t provide notice of the divorce to your spouse, the court will not issue any order and your case will eventually be dismissed.

You will not be able to just hand your spouse the papers or deliver them on your own. Instead, you will have to ask someone to serve the divorce papers to your spouse. It doesn’t necessarily involve hiring a professional server. The process server can be:

  • Anyone over age 18 who isn’t involved in your divorce case
  • Your colleague, friend, or relative
  • A county sheriff
  • A professional server

Step 5: Exchange financial documents

Let’s assume that your spouse (respondent) will file the divorce papers on time (within 30 days after being served). If so, you will be supposed to exchange financial documents to disclose what you own and owe. The same applies to your spouse. The disclosure will play an important role in dividing your property and debt.

Step 6: Get divorced after obtaining court approval

You will finally become legally separated once a judgment is approved and signed by the court. Remember that the terms of your divorce will depend on whether you and your spouse have reached a mutual agreement.

Online Divorce Papers and Forms

You can go to the local district courthouse in your country and get the necessary documentation from the court clerk. Alternatively, you can obtain divorce documents online. Don’t worry, all the papers and forms are accepted by the state’s courthouses.

Once you confirm your eligibility and print completed forms, you will need to file your divorce papers. Keep in mind that the paperwork is different for divorcing couples with and without minor children.

Listed below are divorce documents you might need to complete your divorce:

  • Petition for Dissolution of Marriage – One spouse needs to file a divorce petition to get a marriage divorce or dissolution.
  • Divorce Summons – This legal paper notifies the respondent or non-filing party that the Petition has been filed and a divorce case has started.
  • Divorce Affidavit and Financial Affidavit – This document gives the court a clear picture of the finances of both parties or confidence (in case of an uncontested divorce) that the spouses shared the proper info before reaching an equitable agreement.
  • Marital Settlement Agreement – The purpose of this legal paper is to specify the agreement details reached between spouses. It covers areas like the division of property, alimony, and spousal support.
  • Child Custody and Visitation – As the name suggests, the goal of this document is to set up child custody and visitations with the non-custodial parent. It is only required for spouses with minor children.
  • Spousal or Partner Support Declaration – This form is used in some courts (like in California) and it is filed by couples who seek spousal support when they legally separate.
  • Divorce Certificate – This form is usually issued for the purpose of recordkeeping. A divorce certificate shows that someone is divorced. Unlike a divorce decree, it isn’t prepared by a court.
  • Divorce Decree – Divorcing spouses receive this court document at the end of their case. It’s a final judgment from the divorce court that may contain details on everything from property division to visitation, custody, and spousal support.

If you intend to prepare these papers on your own without a lawyer, make sure the forms you use are completed correctly. That will help you shave a few hundred dollars off your costs. Most online divorce services will provide you with instructions on how to file your paperwork.

Common Questions about Online Divorce

Is Filing for Divorce Online Legit?

Yes, it is. This is a legitimate way to end your marriage just like filing for divorce in-person. Even so, you need to check which divorce forms can be submitted online in your state, just in case.

Your best bet is to choose an online divorce service that creates divorce documents that meet the specific legal requirements of your state. Look for those offering a guarantee that their forms are going to be approved in your country.

Are Online Divorce Services Reliable?

While online divorces are legal, not all services of that kind are reliable. You can rest assured that all the online divorce services reviewed above are trustworthy.

However, these services are not recommended for couples who face a contentious divorce, especially not for spouses who can’t agree on major issues.

How Much Do Online Divorce Services Cost?

More and more people file their divorce papers online to save thousands of dollars on legal fees. The cost of online divorce services goes from $150 to $500 when it comes to an uncontested divorce. Please note that this price doesn’t include the additional costs of legal personal service, notary, and postage fee for mailing divorce forms to the court. These costs vary widely from state to state, so you will have to spend extra money (a few hundred dollars) when filing for divorce.

How Long Does Online Divorce Take?

Each divorce case is different. Assuming that you and your spouse agree to everything and that you file for an uncontested divorce online, expect to wait at least 6 weeks to receive the final decree.

While you can prepare and file your papers in a couple of days, your divorce process may take a while (from 6 weeks to 12 months) to be completed.

Can I file for divorce online for free?

Filing for divorce online is a good way to avoid costly legal fees. This is a huge saving compared to the total cost of a typical divorce. Nevertheless, you should not expect to get an online divorce without spending a penny.

When Should You Get an Attorney?

Those having a contested divorce should consider hiring an attorney to gather all documents and prepare their divorce petition. It is recommended for complicated divorce cases that involve considerable marital assets and children.

After meeting with a lawyer and filing a divorce petition, you will probably have to appear before the court several times throughout your divorce process. Once your spouse has responded to the Petition, you will be asked to disclose your income and marital assets during discovery.

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