Compare Online DIY Divorce Services

How can you be sure you are getting the best online divorce service for you and your family?

In recent times we have seen a surge in online divorce sites all claiming to offer customers more choice and massive price savings.

Today you can get a loan online, buy a house online, sell a car online. But just like all these time and money saving services, not all DIY Divorce Services are created equal.

How Much Does A Divorce Cost?

According to Forbes, the average divorce can cost $15,000! Therefore, it is no surprise that thousands of people are looking for online solutions that will allow them to get the simple, uncontested divorce they need – without the huge attorney fees.

Don’t spend money you don’t have to.

A DIY online divorce is the cheapest way to get a divorce. If you and your spouse can agree on the terms of your divorce there’s usually no need to hire an expensive attorney.

We can help you find the best online divorce service that will save you time, money and hassle.

Compare our recommended DIY online divorce services below and find something that’s right for you.

Our side-by-side comparison table includes our top five online divorce services and their main benefits.

For more information about a specific divorce service, you can click to read a full review.

Selecting An Online Divorce Service

Everyone is different and every divorce is also different. Everyone will have different needs and different requirements from an online divorce service.

But where everyone is the same is the need for an online divorce service to provide them with the latest court-approved forms for their state and a guarantee that they will see them through the whole divorce process, providing clarity and professionalism throughout.

Price, competency and service are at the core of our online divorce reviews. We want to save you money by not paying for services you don’t need. That said, we do not want you to fail to get the services you do actually need in an effort to save money.

Our comparison table takes the most popular online divorce services for different groups of people so you can compare their services and find the best solution for you and your circumstances. Where we feel you may need the services of an attorney we will say so and show you where you can get the appropriate help you need.

How To Get An Online Divorce

The online divorce process involves registering with your chosen company and going through an online questionnaire to check your eligibility for divorce in your state.

If you are your spouse are at odds, not in contact, have significant issues involving children or assets then you are going to need an attorney and we can help you find an affordable attorney in your area through the LegalMatch service.

If you are suitable for an uncontested divorce, you can fill out the forms online and then submit them to the courts for processing.

Different online divorce services will offer you different levels of service. You can read our Online DIY Divorce Reviews for more in-depth information on the level of service different online divorce sites can offer you.

If you want a cheap divorce, a fast divorce, an easy divorce you can have one – and we can help you. Start by reading one of our online divorce reviews. We recommend considering our top pick: MyDivorcePapers Review.

Although every care has been taken to provide accurate information, some results may change over time and therefore you are advised to check with the service provider for accuracy.