DivorceWriter Review

Our DivorceWriter review team found that DivorceWriter continues to offers a basic, yet reliable and accessible online divorce service at a reasonable price point.

With DivorceWriter, as with other services, you register online, check your eligibility, complete a questionnaire and then they send you the completed divorce documents.

DivorceWriter Benefits

It would cost you $229 to have your divorce forms completed by DivorceWriter, but they seem to have a permanent special offer where you can get your forms completed for $149, making it one of the cheapest online divorce services around.

They offer a co-parenting plan as part of their service, which can certainly save a lot of trouble providing you are on good terms with your ex and are willing to work together to do what is best for your children. To assist in this area they also offer a child support and alimony calculator.

DivorceWriter Support

If you need support with any non-legal matters then you can contact their Customer Service team via email, phone or mail.

We have to point out that they do have a slightly higher than the average number of complaints listed at Better Business Bureau but their feedback does indicate they have a solid record of dealing with complaints quickly.

We have seen DivorceWriter complaints regarding how queries were handled, the speed of response and general disposition of staff. We mention this because if you need to make changes to your forms, and you want another hard copy, you need to email them directly for this. Other services will let you do all this online in real-time. So if you have problems, you might find them more difficult to solve, compared to our recommended services.

Our DivorceWriter Review

Although many people like DivorceWriter, we just can’t recommend it.

They don’t cover every state for a start. Their website is not user-friendly, able to provide you with real-time editing and looks really dated. They have many complaints about forms being incorrect and poor customer service.

We just cannot find a reason to choose DivorceWriter over any of the other divorce services on our site.

They do have a 100% court approval guarantee, but so do others. DivorceWriter forms are not attorney approval. This is a bit of a deal breaker for us given that most other online divorce services are attorney approved and charge around the same price.

They also fail to provide a dedicated Case Manager which can make the process seem a bit more daunting, especially at the outset. Other services at the same price point, such as MyDivorcePapers, include this as standard.

We do like the tools for calculating child support, but again these aren’t unique selling points. They provided nothing that made our DivorceWriter review team go ‘wow!’

DivorceWriter does provide a competent ‘no frills’ service which will certainly get the job done and will be cheaper than hiring an attorney. But we would recommend choosing one of our other recommendations, who, for around the same price, come with attorney approval and offer several more features as standard that is not included here.

DivorceWriter Features

What States Are Served?50 States plus the District of Columbia and some support outside the US.
Can I Register For Free?Yes.
Can I Complete The Forms In Real Time?Yes.
Will I Get A Dedicated Case Manager?Yes.
Will I Get Unlimited Customer Support?Yes.
How Can I Access Customer Support?Email and Phone.
Is It Attorney Approved?Yes.
Will I Get Attorney Support?Additional Fee.
Do They Offer Divorce, Annulment And Seperation Services?No.
Will They File My Forms And Serve My Spouse?No.
Can They Help Calculate Alimony and Child Support?Yes.
What Delivery Service Can I Expect?Online Account.
Is There Support For Life After Divorce?No.
Can I Read Verifiable Customer Testimonials?Yes.
How Does The Better Business Bureau Rate The Service?A+

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