Do You Need Help With Divorce Proceedings?

Divorce is Hard

There’s no two ways about it – divorce is hard. You pay a price emotionally, socially, spiritually not to mention financially. Once you have made the decision to end your marriage, you need help with divorce proceedings so you can get the divorce paperwork over and done with and move onto the next phase of your life.

There is some good news!

Nowadays divorce doesn’t need to be a lengthy or complicated process. If you need help with divorce proceedings the internet will provide you with a wealth of information at no cost and can offer online solutions that will give you all the legal paperwork you need to end your marriage.

Need Help With Divorce Proceedings

At DIY Divorce Review we understand the toll a divorce can take on you, and your family so we want to help get you through your divorce quickly, as pain-free as possible and for the lowest cost.

Clearly the more you and your soon-to-be-ex can agree on then the easier your divorce will be. However, if it was easy for you both to get on and reach agreements then perhaps divorce wouldn’t even be on the cards!

If you have kids or a lot of assets then it can be even harder to come to an agreement. Even though it is difficult, it is worth at least trying to come to a joint resolution as it will save you both cash, stress and time in the long run.

Whatever your circumstances we can find a solution for you that will make the overall process much easier.

Decide from the list below what category you and your spouse fall into and then see just how much money you can save vs the traditional divorce route.

My Spouse and I Have Reached An Agreement

Great! This saves you so much pain and stress. You will more than likely qualify for a simple uncontested divorce that will cost you less than $200 and will end your marriage quickly.

Next Step

Your next step is to check the eligibility requirements for your state. You can do that here: Check Eligibility For Divorce In Your State

My Spouse and I Agree on Most Things But A Few Issues Remain

This is common, especially when there are children involved. In circumstances such as these, a divorce service that offers mediation is the best route, at least in the first instance.

If you have some common ground with your spouse you should safeguard that. Involving lawyers immediately puts both parties on the defensive and degrades the goodwill you’ve worked hard to preserve.

Attorney fees become very expensive, very quickly, whereas divorce services with mediation or other support services can help you to overcome these issues enabling you to proceed with an uncontested divorce for less than $800.

Next Step

Look at online divorce services that offer a package of support. Check out our recommended solution here: Support For Divorce

My Spouse and I Cannot Reach An Agreement

When you are in this situation you need an attorney. You have to safeguard your interests. Couples often reach an impasse over issues relating to child custody, spousal support, property disputes and division of assets.

There can also be issues over joint financial arrangements and if you don’t have the right advice, you could end up lumbered with your spouse’s debts.

You don’t have to get nasty, but you have to put yourself and the welfare of any children first. The proper legal representation can save you a lot of pain and ensure that you are leaving the marriage with your interests and your assets protected.

Next Steps

Get legal representation. You can find a local attorney with affordable fees using LegalMatch by clicking here: Find A Divorce Attorney

Everything Will Be OK

Whatever your situation know that there is help and there are services and people who care about getting you out of a painful marriage so that you can go on to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Divorce is only one chapter in your life, there are many more good times to come.

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