LawDepot Review

Our LawDepot review team found this to be a great option for people looking to get an online divorce.

LawDepot offers a wide range of legal documents, forms and contracts. It is a subscription service (£33/month) but they do offer a 7-day free trial where you can create, print and download as many forms as you need for no cost whatsoever!

Getting a Divorce with LawDepot

Since our last review, we are delighted to announce that LawDepot has teamed up with one of our favorite online divorce sites, MyDivorcePapers, to offer you an amazing online divorce package for just $159.

What this means is that customers using LawDepot are able to take a 7-day free trial, get a Separation Agreement plus any additional legal forms, such as Will and Testament, for zero dollars. Take their time, get everything in place with their spouse to allow for an uncontested divorce. Then, when they’re ready to proceed, get an online uncontested divorce with LawDepot, powered by MyDivorcePapers for only $159.

That’s amazing value!

LawDepot Divorce Forms

LawDepot allows you to prepare, customize and download legal forms in minutes. They cover a multitude of needs from real estate to power of attorney and now they can arrange your divorce forms too.

Your LawDepot Divorce Forms are prepared through MyDivorcePapers’ renowned online divorce system.

The process is very easy. All you have to do is complete a free registration process and answer some simple questions to ensure you qualify for an online divorce in your state. If you’re not sure about your state’s qualification criteria, you can check your eligibility for divorce here.

Next, you will be guided through a questionnaire that will auto-populate your forms for you. This whole process can be completed in less than an hour!

Your forms will then be ready to print. You can download them or receive them by post. They will even serve them to your spouse and file them at the courthouse if you wish.

All forms are court approved for your state and come with a 100% money back guarantee so you can be assured that everything is compliant and your divorce can be settled without any paperwork issues.

If want to proceed with a divorce but you find that you need more support in terms of settling disputes or over arrangements for children, then a mediated online divorce service through Wevorce is probably the best solution for your family. They will give you the support you need to end your marriage, whilst still saving you money on attorney fees.

LawDepot Legal Separation Agreements

But maybe you’re not quite ready to file for divorce. Maybe you want to move a bit slower and try a formal separation first.

LawDepot’s Separation Agreement package allows you and your spouse to create a contract which sets out the terms by which you are living apart. Division of assets, child support and custody can all be put into a contract prior to a divorce.

You can put an agreement in place over debts, responsibilities and spousal support meaning that when it comes time to actually file for your divorce, as long as the separation agreement has been working for both parties, there shouldn’t be lengthy disputes as you have already reached an agreement.

By having all the discussions you need to have and making all the arrangements you need to make prior to divorce proceedings, you may find it a lot easier to reach a final divorce settlement with your spouse allowing you to file for an uncontested divorce online and save a fortune on legal fees.

The actual process of completing the Separation Agreement form is very easy. You can complete the documents in less than 10 minutes, download and print. Their online wizard walks you through the process, completing the relevant information for you meaning you don’t have to worry about getting the legal terminology correct.

You can get LawDepot’s Separation Agreement package for free as part of their 7-day trial.

After the trial period is finished, you would move onto a low-cost monthly subscription service of $33 per month. So, if you need a lot of legal documents sorted out then this is a massive money saver. You can cancel your subscription at anytime, everything comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a $10,000 legal guarantee that all forms are correct, valid and up to date – so there’s no risk.

Benefits of a LawDepot Legal Separation Agreement

A legal separation could be a useful starting point for opening the discussion with your spouse over divorce matters. Perhaps getting an informal agreement in place, trying it out, before formalizing an agreement at a later date would really work for you both?

This service might be perfect for someone who wants a legal separation but not an actual divorce. Or someone who wants an uncontested divorce, but needs to go through a process of coming to an arrangement with their spouse prior to their divorce. They are willing to take the time to work out a settlement with their spouse so the divorce can be as amicable as possible and legal fees are kept under control.

Every divorce is different and everyone needs a different starting point. A legal separation agreement is similar to a divorce with the exception being you cannot re-marry. For many couples, this is preferable for religious reasons, residency issues or for medical insurance.

LawDepot gives you this another option which can be beneficial to couples finding themselves in this middle ground between marriage and divorce.

Do You Still Need an Attorney with LawDepot?

All LawDepot forms are created by their team of in-house lawyers, come with 100% money back guarantee and a $10,000 legal guarantee that the forms are valid and up-to-date.

However, they are not responsible for what you actually insert into any contract you create. Some forms may need to be signed off by attorney and they may have to confirm they have given you legal counsel on the agreement before you enter into it.

This actually isn’t bad because you don’t want to sign anything that down the line you regret. If you have assets or children then you want to make sure you have an agreement that doesn’t leave you at a disadvantage.

If you need an affordable attorney in your area, we can find you one through LegalMatch.

So even though you can get separation agreement forms for free, you may have to have to pay attorney fees in order to validate it.

You can of course still use these forms and decide not to get it validated by an attorney. This may be OK in some states and many courts will uphold the agreement, but you will want to check before you enter into an agreement. You don’t want to later discover that no party is obligated or bound to adhere to the agreement and you have no legal protection.

What We Like about LawDepot

Our LawDepot review team found them to a great online divorce service because of their partnership with MyDivorcePapers and the ability to get a separation agreement, plus other legal forms for free.

We think this is great because it gives you more options. Your divorce forms can be prepared in an hour and the separation agreement can be completed online and downloaded in less than 10 minutes. This saves you time, money and stress.

For some couples, this is the first step they need to take. Be aware that you may need to get an attorney to validate a separation agreement to make it legally binding, which is a good idea regardless.

In addition to their online divorce service and separation agreement, they can offer you help for getting all your legal documents updated following your divorce. So things like changing your name, your will or any other legal documents that you and your spouse jointly held prior to your divorce can be completed and then downloaded from their site either for free or at a very low monthly subscription cost.

Our LawDepot review found that other customers also rate them well. They have excellent customer service that you can reach via live chat, email or phone support. The Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ rating and you can read customer testimonials on their website.

Plus a major bonus is their extensive law library where you can access articles, guides and checklists to help you better understand the process and give you the resources you need.

They only rate slightly lower than our other recommendations because you may need to get your forms validated by an attorney, which might be expensive and that their divorce service doesn’t offer any additional benefits by not going to MyDivorcePapers directly.

That said, you can get a massive wealth of online legal forms for free. So if you need a service for preparing a legal separation or legal documents post-divorce, then this is a great choice and definitely worth checking out.

LawDepot Features

What States Are Served?50 States plus the District of Columbia and some support outside the US.
Can I Register For Free?Yes.
Can I Complete The Forms In Real Time?Yes.
Will I Get A Dedicated Case Manager?Yes.
Will I Get Unlimited Customer Support?Yes.
How Can I Access Customer Support?Email and Phone.
Is It Attorney Approved?Yes.
Will I Get Attorney Support?Additional Fee.
Do They Offer Divorce, Annulment And Seperation Services?No.
Will They File My Forms And Serve My Spouse?No.
Can They Help Calculate Alimony and Child Support?Yes.
What Delivery Service Can I Expect?Online Account.
Is There Support For Life After Divorce?No.
Can I Read Verifiable Customer Testimonials?Yes.
How Does The Better Business Bureau Rate The Service?A+

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