LegalMatch Review

One of the biggest benefits about getting a DIY divorce online is the money you save by not having to pay attorney fees.

However, sometimes you have no alternative other than to go to an attorney to get certain aspects, such as child custody, resolved and legal agreements put in place.

Therefore, we wanted to give you a solution that ensures you get what you need but keeps you firmly in charge and in control of the fees.

For this we are going to review LegalMatch.

LegalMatch Attorney Reviews

When you have to find a lawyer you may turn to Google, word of mouth or somewhere that just happens to be close to your office.

More often than not you will just go with the first place you find rather than compare different services. Very few of us would go into a meeting with an attorney then say ‘I’m going to shop around to see if I can get something cheaper’.

We would almost always take the deal they are offering rather than engineer an awkward refusal. Not only that, do you really have the time to sit down with a ton of different attorneys for a consultation? This means that you might not be getting the best deal, you might be paying for things you don’t need to and you could get a better solution elsewhere.

LegalMatch is a great because it allows you to view a variety of qualified attorneys in your area and then you can select which one is right for you.

To begin all you have to do is post some details about your case, attorneys in your area then review your case and offer their services to you. You are able to view their profile, compare fees and view other client’s reviews and ratings before selecting which attorney you want to take up your case. It’s much easier and less stressful than calling round different attorney’s offices trying to find the right person to take on your case for the price you want to pay.

LegalMatch Fees

There are no fees to use LegalMatch as the cost is absorbed by the attorneys, who are not allowed to add LegalMatch fees to your bill. You will not be charged to post your case and their client matching service ensures your confidentiality. You do not need to reveal your personal information when posting your case, nor do you need to speak to anyone on the phone.

Everything is on your terms and you are in complete control of the process. Once submitted, your case is matched to attorneys in your area who specialize in the service you need.

You can view these pre-screened attorneys at your leisure without obligation. Their professional profile will be made available to you so you can see their qualifications and specialties allowing you to make an informed decision. Also, their payment structure will be laid out to you clearly so you can take your time and properly compare prices without feeling pressured into making a quick decision.

LegalMatch Review Attorney Credentials For You

To meet LegalMatch’s criteria, all attorneys have to be fully licensed, be in good standing with the state bar association and provide good professional references.

You are able to view ratings and reviews from their previous clients so you can feel confident that you have selected the right attorney for you and not just the first one on Google.

You can see if other clients felt an attorney listened to their concerns, returned phone calls and resolved problems satisfactorily before you spend your money.

If you need an attorney then this is a great place to get the best solution for you and your circumstances.

All you have to do is click the ‘Present a Case’ button and you will be taken through some questions that will help match the right attorney for you. There are no LegalMatch fees to pay and there is no obligation to select anyone who responds.

A summary of your case is presented to attorneys in your area with a specialty in that field, they can then respond to you through the system and you can review their profile including their qualifications. You might want to wait a few business days to get all the responses in.

Once you decide you want to proceed with a particular attorney you can then share your details with them, until then you are completely anonymous. You are the one in control.

You will get to compare all the options available to you. You can check costs, qualifications and reputation before committing to anything. Plus it costs nothing to post a case so for all that we think LegalMatch is a great solution for anyone needing an attorney to help with their divorce or indeed life after divorce.

LegalMatch Features

What States Are Served?50 States plus the District of Columbia and some support outside the US.
Can I Register For Free?Yes.
Can I Complete The Forms In Real Time?Yes.
Will I Get A Dedicated Case Manager?No.
Will I Get Unlimited Customer Support?Yes.
How Can I Access Customer Support?Email and Phone.
Is It Attorney Approved?Yes.
Will I Get Attorney Support?Fee.
Do They Offer Divorce, Annulment And Seperation Services?Yes.
Will They File My Forms And Serve My Spouse?No.
Can They Help Calculate Alimony and Child Support?No.
What Delivery Service Can I Expect?Online Account.
Is There Support For Life After Divorce?No.
Can I Read Verifiable Customer Testimonials?Yes.
How Does The Better Business Bureau Rate The Service?A+

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