LegalZoom Divorce Review

Since our last LegalZoom Divorce review, we have seen the partnership with Wevorce really grow from strength to strength.

LegalZoom is well known for being a high quality online legal service. Founded by Robert Shapiro and operating since 2001. Their reputation truly proceeds them.

But what their partnership with Wevorce brings, is the ability to combine their legal might with a person-centered, supportive approach making them ‘The Premier Self-Guided Divorce Solution’.

Why Choose LegalZoom Divorce?

LegalZoom Divorce is the Rolls Royce of online divorce services and understandably, it is one of the more expensive options, otherwise, it would receive a five-star rating from our DIY Divorce Review team.

If you have everything in order and just need to paperwork sorted then have a look at an online divorce services such as MyDivorcePapers Review who can deliver you what you need for $150.

However, if life just isn’t that simple and you still want to save thousands of dollars on attorney fees, then LegalZoom Divorce might just be the right solution for you.

LegalZoom Divorce Process

Our LegalZoom Divorce review found that they set out to make your divorce peaceful and collaborative by taking a slower, more measured approach to the online divorce process.

After you register you will receive a welcome pack that will explain the entire divorce process to you and you can also speak to one of their advisers.

They will then lay out a divorce roadmap for you that is designed to outline the stages of the process where you will have to make key decisions.

LegalZoom Divorce Roadmap

  1. Have a consultation with a Divorce Professional either online or over the phone.
  2. Create a personalized plan for your family.
  3. If you have kids, they work with you to create a Parenting Plan that minimizes conflict for your children.
  4. Map out your finances to allow a smooth transition from one household to two households. Make decisions on the division of assets, debts and future living arrangements.
  5. With parenting and financial arrangements in place, proceed to preparing your court documents for filing.

When you are ready, LegalZoom Divorce will be able provide you with your court-ready paperwork within 3 business days.

You can either file the paperwork yourself or LegalZoom Divorce can connect you with one of their partners who will do this on your behalf.

LegalZoom Divorce Benefits

Already you can see the massive difference between this service and quick, easy $150 options.

You will know what is best for you and your circumstances and if this is the level of support your family needs, then you will get it from LegalZoom Divorce – whilst still saving a fortune on attorney fees!

Your package includes a Parenting Plan to help you agree with your spouse on the best way to co-parent your child all the way into adulthood.

You also get a Financial Planning service to ensure your arrangements over financial assets and support are not only agreed upon by both parties, but they are sustainable in the long term.

Their experts ensure everyone gets the best possible future after divorce.

LegalZoom Divorce Support

Their self-guided, self-paced process is designed to make everything manageable and hassle-free for you and your spouse.

You begin the process with a consultation, which should hopefully answer most of your questions. And you can always reach out to their customer service team when you need to.

If you and your spouse run into difficulties and need specialist help, there is a team of professionals standing by which you can access for an additional fee.

On top of family law attorneys, you can access their mediation counsellors, financial advisors and co-parenting professionals. Fees start at $150/hour and we are confident that you will still save more money compared to the traditional route.

LegalZoom Divorce and Your Spouse

Your fee covers you and your spouse but that doesn’t mean your spouse has to participate in the process. One person can produce all the documents themselves to be served to their spouse.

LegalZoom Divorce allows you to send an email to your spouse inviting them to register and get access to the shared account so you can work through the process together. But if they don’t, that’s ok.

As it is self-paced, you can take as much time as you need to complete your forms.

If everything is simple and straightforward, you could have your forms completed in a few hours. If you need longer, that’s no problem. The average time for the average couple is about 30 days.

LegalZoom Features

What States Are Served?50 States plus the District of Columbia and some support outside the US.
Can I Register For Free?Yes.
Can I Complete The Forms In Real Time?Yes.
Will I Get A Dedicated Case Manager?Yes.
Will I Get Unlimited Customer Support?Yes.
How Can I Access Customer Support?Email and Phone.
Is It Attorney Approved?Yes.
Will I Get Attorney Support?Additional Fee.
Do They Offer Divorce, Annulment And Seperation Services?No.
Will They File My Forms And Serve My Spouse?No.
Can They Help Calculate Alimony and Child Support?Yes.
What Delivery Service Can I Expect?Online Account.
Is There Support For Life After Divorce?No.
Can I Read Verifiable Customer Testimonials?Yes.
How Does The Better Business Bureau Rate The Service?A+

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  1. Terrible. They made several errors, had unexplained delays, lied about what their services cover, and were difficult to work with. And it turns out LegalZoom doesn’t even do the work. They outsource it to, an entirely different company. They won’t tell you, but even if you call LegalZoom divorce customer service, you’re actually talking to


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