MyDivorcePapers Review

MyDivorcePapers review recommendations consistently show it to be one of the best online divorce services out there. It is one of the leading, longest established and most trusted providers of online DIY divorces. MyDivorcePapers goes beyond the basics and provides clients with services that none of its competitors can match.

Why Choose MyDivorcePapers?

It is one of the few online divorce sites that is attorney approved and holds the highest possible A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. But that’s not all, it offers a 100% Court Approval Money Back Guarantee for your total peace of mind.

If you are feeling unsure about the online divorce process then MyDivorcePapers is going to offer you the reassurance and support you are looking for.

You just won’t find anything as comprehensive at this price. MyDivorcePapers have been around for over a decade and helped over a million people who are looking for a quick, easy online divorce.

From its award winning customer service to its attention to detail, MyDivorcePapers is hard to beat if you are looking for an online divorce service.

What You Get With MyDivorcePapers

The true beauty of MyDivorcePapers is how quickly you can prepare your divorce forms. They can take you through an online interview process and create your forms for you to download in just an hour! No waiting – just a simple, quick and easy process all done in real time.

AND, as far as we can see, they are the only company who will actually file your papers and serve your spouse for you. Just think of all the time and hassle that will save you!

MyDivorcePapers is very easy to use. They cover all states, plus the District of Columbia, to provide you with the appropriate forms for your jurisdiction.

You can register for free and open an account without obligation to buy. After you register you will be assigned your own Case Manager and will be taken through a qualification process to determine if you are eligible for an online divorce. Then you will be able to start completing your divorce forms, there and then, in real time, simple.

In short, there’s nothing to lose by trying them out.

Being assigned a Case Manager is another reason why our MyDivorcePapers review rating is so high as it is one of the few online divorce sites that will give you this service as part of their package. Others may charge you a huge fee for a dedicated Case Manager and others may just not offer this service at all, with MyDivorcePapers it is included as part of the price – no strings.

Is MyDivorcePapers Right For Me?

It’s important to note that not everyone will qualify for an online divorce. The MyDivorcePapers site has excellent information about the eligibility criteria for divorce in your state so you can be assured that you can proceed with your divorce without worries relating to differences in state laws.

Our MyDivorcePaper review process leads us to the conclusion that MyDivorcePapers is a great solution for couples who can reach an agreement to allow for an uncontested divorce.

However, if you have conflict over assets or custody of children then this is probably not the right option for you. If this is your situation we recommend you have a look at our Wevorce Review as they specialize in resolving family conflict to allow an online divorce to proceed.

The MyDivorcePapers Process

If you’re ready to move on and make a fresh start, MyDivorcePapers offers you a quick, straightforward and affordable way to end your marriage without lengthy delays or excessive attorney fees. MyDivorcePapers is perfect for people who want their forms properly completed, filed in court and the papers served to their spouse for them. No other service seems to be able to offer that.

The actual process is very simple. MyDivorcePapers will first ensure you qualify for an online divorce and then you will be taken through a questionnaire that will populate your forms for you. If you make a mistake, no worries that can easily be edited. You can relax knowing that your forms have been prepared correctly so you don’t have to navigate complicated and confusing legal instructions yourself.

It’s quick and easy to arrange your forms. Your forms can be prepared and printed in less than an hour! Once completed they can be downloaded instantly and are delivered to you via FedEd or US Priority Mail. MyDivorcePapers will also file your forms and serve your spouse if you would prefer.

If you want a fuss-free home solution, that is going to save you time, guarantee your privacy and deliver all this at a price you can afford, WITH a money back guarantee, then this is for you.

In addition, MyDivorcePapers is one of the only services that provide legal form preparation services for separation, annulments as well as divorce. They are experts in their field who go above and beyond all others making them our top pick!

What Help Will MyDivorcePapers Give Me?

Your dedicated Case Manager will look after you throughout the process and you will also be entitled to support from an attorney should you need it.

MyDivorcePapers offer clients a wide range of support materials including a video library which is packed full of useful information and tips for getting through a divorce.

MyDivorcePapers even have calculators for working out alimony and child support payments.

We haven’t found another online divorce service who offer their clients this much support for this price. They really are dedicated to making the whole process as easy as possible for you.

You can access Customer Support through live chat, phone and email, making it really easy to get help when you need it as you go through the process. MyDivorcePapers really go the extra mile in terms of customer service to ensure that you are able to reach out to someone and get the help you need, when you need it.

With other companies reviewed by DIY Divorce Review, we’ve found that some only offer a phone service which only operates during office hours. This is no use to you if you need help there and then only to find that you are unable to speak to someone outside their designated office hours. You need to be able to get support when you need it.

Will MyDivorcePapers Save Me Money?

We believe so.

Divorce can be very expensive and the last thing you want is to run up massive legal fees when you can save so much time, money and stress with a simple online uncontested divorce.

I’m sure you would much rather spend the money on a rejuvenating vacation or maybe you have relocation costs or maybe you just want to do something nice for your kids. Either way, if you can save money on your divorce then do it!

You might be able find an online divorce service even lower than $159, but you will never get the same service you get with MyDivorcePapers at this price point. Not that we can find anyway!

Why We Love MyDivorcePapers

Of all the services available, our MyDivorcePapers review scored the highest and actually works out as one of the cheapest.

This is surprising given that it actually offers more services to the customer than the majority of the other online divorce services – which can charge three times more.

If you have spent any time shopping around you will see that some of the more expensive sites don’t even assign you a Case Manager nevermind attorney support or filing services!

We believe MyDivorcePapers is the best value deal for online divorce which is why it’s our top pick.

Claim your My Divorce Papers Coupon and save even more money.

They will give you support for dealing with life after your divorce, such as tools for building a parenting plan for any children you may have together and a free name change service for wives wishing to return to their previous surname.

If you and your spouse are able to reach an agreement yourselves then this option will save you both time and money that you can then spend on other things.

The MyDivorcePapers review is our top pick because they give their customers more than anyone else we have reviewed and offer the best value price. Their customers love them. They have a huge online social media presence and following compared to their competitors in the space.

If you want more learn more about the customer experience you can view the many verified customer testimonials on their website.

They combine a low cost, quick, easy process without comprising on customer care. They take a difficult time in your life and make it as easy as possible for you to move on. They really do go the extra mile which is why we rate them above all others.

We thoroughly recommend you check them out. You won’t be disappointed with the efficient and caring service you receive.

MyDivorcePapers Features

What States Are Served?50 States plus the District of Columbia and some support outside the US.
Can I Register For Free?Yes.
Can I Complete The Forms In Real Time?Yes.
Will I Get A Dedicated Case Manager?Yes.
Will I Get Unlimited Customer Support?Yes.
How Can I Access Customer Support?Live Chat, Phone and Email Support.
Is It Attorney Approved?Yes.
Will I Get Attorney Support?Yes.
Do They Offer Divorce, Annulment And Seperation Services?Yes.
Will They File My Forms And Serve My Spouse?Yes.
Can They Help Calculate Alimony and Child Support?Yes.
What Delivery Service Can I Expect?Instant Download, FEDEx & US Priority Mail.
Is There Support For Life After Divorce?Yes.
Can I Read Verifiable Customer Testimonials?Yes.
How Does The Better Business Bureau Rate The Service?A+

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